Skateboarding legends Ryan Sheckler, Chaz Ortiz, and Fabrizio Santos brought together over 200 local skateboarders for the first Trenton Go Skateboarding Day. This event according to is organized by Freedom which is stated on the foundation’s website that their goal is to provide areas for those to practice skateboarding even when the weather outside isn’t ideal.

Trenton Go Skateboarding Day also celebrated the gift of a $10,000 “Be The Change” grant from the Sheckler Foundation. According to these grants will be used to help Freedom’s mission to build more indoor skating facilities to help young adults learn life lessons that we learn while participating in any sport.

The day was filled with skate boarders of all ages and levels, live music, and live painting by Trenton artist Lank at Sonny Vereen Park stated. The day ended at Trenton Social where the grant was awarded. reported that there are no skate parks in the city of Trenton and no public indoor skate park throughout the entire state. Ryan Sheckler stated to “The Sheckler Foundation is proud to support Freedom’s work to improve outcomes for youth here in Trenton and to strengthen New Jersey’s skate community.”

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