New Jersey residents should get excited because popular salad franchisee Saladworks is looking to expand their restaurant locations in over seven towns in the state.

Saladworks has said to be franchising with new partners with the intent to expand over the next couple of months, according to The healthy yet tasty chain restaurant said in a statement that they are eyeing to put new locations in Burlington, East Windsor, Ewing, Flemington, Phillipsburg, Princeton and South Brunswick.

Vice President of Franchise Development for Saladworks, Eric Lavinder said, “We are looking for new and excited franchisees who want to join our family and can benefit from this brand awareness and demand to grow a business.”

"Because Saladworks already has a significant presence in its home market and awareness of our concept is extremely high, we continue to see great demand for our original and fresh salads,” said Lavinder in a statement written by

The exact locations where the restaurants will be in these towns are not yet released.

Other than making their famous signature and create your own salads, the restaurant also provides soups, sandwiches and wraps that can also be off the menu or create your own!

In New Jersey there are currently 30 Saladworks locations, which is stated on the company’s website. Saladworks was founded in 1986 and there are over 100 locations in the U.S.


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