We met Sarah and Andy on Friday, and Chris and the Crew set the pair up on a first date.

Sarah, who works in the jewelry industry, told us that she was looking for a confident guy with his life together because she has her life together. Meanwhile, Andy, who works in the fitness industry, tells us that he is always being told he'd be a great guy to date. However, he always gets stuck in the "friend zone."

So how did their date go? We caught up with them today to find out. Press play above to find out.

So Sarah said that Andy was super confident and took the lead in planning the evening. The pair had a lovely dinner (with good conversation), but things got rushed because Andy got tickets to a comedy show that evening. Andy got a little weird when we brought him on the air, and he asked how old Sarah was. Hmm.

We'll have another Blind Date on Friday morning with Chris & The Crew.


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