If you've unfortunately fallen into some sort of scam and have lost a good amount of money, don't feel like you're alone. 1 in 5 victims that report impostor scam have lost a decent amount of money. In 2017 over $320 million were reported lost.

That's a ton of money.

Bucks County Police are trying to make sure that these things don't happen to you in this new year.

Because of technology now a days scammers can get to you through many other ways aside from post mail and phone calls. You may even receive text messages on your phone with links that can perhaps take your personal information. Police want everyone to take the following advice. "Be cautious when clicking links and attachments in emails and text messages, and verify the source's reliability."

According to patch.com, Bucks County Police Department would like to make you aware that scammers will pretend to be IRS employees and force you to make a payment. Scammers may even mention that you will be arrested if you do not make a payment. IRS does not work that way.

Another way that scammers will try taking your money is by calling you with an international area code and pretend to have kidnapped a family member. It has to be extremely scary to hear that one of your family is kidnapped. You would give up anything to make sure your family is safe, right? And that’s how they will get money out of you.

Many people are stuck in debt and unfortunately it is very tough to get out of it. This is yet another reason scammers will use to get to you. They will play the part of a debt relief agency and will ask you for very personal information. Once they've obtained that information they are able to access your account and take money from you.

These are just a few of the many ways scammers use to try to take your money. Bucks County Police want to make sure that you are aware of this in order to prevent you from losing any of your hard earned money.

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