The Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt will be held on the boardwalk this year, but, digitally, according to the official Seaside Heights website.

Last year's Easter Egg Hunt was strictly virtual, but, this year, Seaside Heights is welcoming you back to the boards to have some Easter fun, safely, without the crowds of people grabbing eggs all at once. The hunt is happening this Saturday (April 3rd) and Easter Sunday (April 4th), from noon - 5pm. Organizers are encouraging you to only hunt between those hours to ensure the businesses that are hosting the hunt are open.

You'll have to look for the clues that "C Side the Easter Rabbit" has left for you, using your smartphone. There are four "hunt zones" on the boardwalk, so be on the lookout for the clue posters. C Side the Easter Rabbit is pictured on the poster (he's a cutie). There's also a Secret Number poster near Lucky Leo's at the Beach Patrol Headquarters.

Grab your smartphone and scan the QR code on the posters which will lead you to the clue website. Once you're there, jot down the the clues (either a word or a number), because you'll need to enter them when you fill out your entry online. Don't worry, it's easy. Once you get a clue for each of the hunt zones, plus, a secret number, you're good to go.

This sounds like fun. Grab your family and friends, get out in the Seaside salt air, and have some fun. Summer can't get here fast enough. I can't wait to go down the shore. While you're there, grab a cheesesteak or sausage sandwich from Midway. Yum.

Click here for the Egg Hunt Guide. You can fill out your online entry here. Prize coupons will be mailed out by April 12th.

Good luck.


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