Should we give outdoor workers a break during extreme cold? It's a question that many are asking this week.

In fact, we expect to see high temperatures in the teens tomorrow, but that is nothing compared to the weather that the Midwest part of the United States is experiencing. reports that temperatures in some cities in the Midwest, including Chicago, were expected to be colder than temps in Antarctica.

NBC Chicago says that the frigid weather has prompted some people to put their mail on hold because they are worried about the well-being of their mail carriers. The postal service says they plan on delivering the mail, but they have asked people who do not need mail delivered right away to consider submitting a "hold mail" request until temperatures warm up a bit. Wind chills in parts of the midwest have gotten below -60 degrees this week.

That has prompted people to ask the question, "would you be okay if your mail was held to save your mail carrier from having to be out in sub-zero temps?"  And are there other non-essential workers you would consider helping out during inclement weather?
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Would you give your dog walker the day off when it snows?  If a severe thunderstorm happens and you see landscapers in your yard or neighborhood, would you give them shelter?

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