So I just found out tonight (from a colleague in Michigan) that Scotland NAMES their snowplows. I’m not talking about the human drivers of these plows getting names. We're talking about how the actual PLOW TRUCKS themselves get names.

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So as my pal Rob Sparks at our sister station in Grand Rapids, MI observed, the Scots call their plows “gritters,” which is fun. It sounds like Gritty, which fits with our Philly vibe.

But EVERY Gritter has a unique name. They’re like Gritty Gritty Bang Bang or Gritty Spears. So this got me thinking: what if we named our snowplows with PennDOT or across New Jersey? What would we name them?

They don't need to include the term Gritty, of course. So they could just be puns about plowing and salting? Like Salt Disney or some local pun that I'm forgetting about?

Help me think about these names. What would we name our plows locally?

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