Finally, there's something being done (hopefully) about what some of us have thought about for a while.

I saw on USA Today that there's an online petition suggesting the date of Halloween be changed from October 31st to the last Saturday in October (no matter what the date is).

What do you think?

I say YES (for a bunch of reasons) to this idea. In fact, I think I speak for all kids and parents when I say it would be so much easier for all who want to celebrate if it fell on a Saturday, right?

Here comes a list:

1. Kids wouldn't have to worry about school: How mad were you when your parents made you stop trick or treating early because you had to go home and get to bed for school the next day?

After the excitement of trick or treating, it's so hard for kids to settle down and get to sleep at a decent hour (especially after eating as much of their candy as they can that night). So give them a break and let them sleep in a little the next day.

PS: A lot of teachers would be in favor of this Saturday thing too. The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement during Halloween so there's not much being accomplished in the school that day anyway. Plus, the kids are tired on the day after so it might as well be a weekend.

2. Not all teachers give the kids a break from homework on Halloween. I don't know why they don't give kids a break. In fact, I think that's terrible. We should let them be kids for one night, without having to study for a test the next day (or try to juggle trick or treating and doing worksheets). If it was the weekend, they could easily balance both.

3. The parties! If you like to party on the actual holiday, that's kind of hard to do and really enjoy yourself because Halloween is on a Wednesday. A Saturday night is a great night for a Halloween party because there's no work or school the next day. Time to get lit.

4. I wouldn't have to dress up at work. I admit it, I'm not a big fan of Halloween: I've never really liked the dressing up part. Our General Manager, Ron, wants everyone to dress up this year because Halloween fell on a workday. If it were a Saturday, I could dodge the bullet!

5. It could be an all-day thing. If you love Halloween, trying to cram all the fun into a few hours after work or school is hard. If it was a Saturday, you could do fun things all day and night.

Have I convinced you that this is a good thing yet?  If you agree Haloween should be on a Saturday, you can sign the petition at

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