I'll never forget when my husband and I moved into our apartment together and he told me that what he was looking forward to the most, was sleeping completely naked. Yes, my husband didn't say that he was so excited to see me constantly, he said he could not wait to sleep completely naked. When he lived with his parents, I believe he slept naked, but would keep his door shut so his parents wouldn't walk in and see him hanging out everywhere. Embarrassing, right? I thought it was weird at first, but then got to know him and realized a bunch of things about him. My husband is that crazy person that doesn't wear a jacket, even if it's cold outside. He'll tell me it's not that cold and I'll go outside and it's freezing. He's crazy, but I can't help but love him!

It's been really hot the last couple of days and although we have good air conditioning, but not everyone does. I'm sure if you're one of those people, you may be trying to do anything to keep cool, even when you sleep. But, should you sleep naked to keep cool? My husband liked to do it to keep cool, but also to feel less constrictive at night, but according to Yahoo, sleeping naked does not keep you cool. A sleep expert named  Christabel Majendie gave some insight on the topic and says in fact that wearing clothes makes you cooler because it draws the heat out of your body. When you are sleeping naked, the hit just stays on your body. This makes so much sense to me, because I always see landscapers wearing long sleeves when they're working outside in the heat and they alway say they stay nice and cool that way. Yet, I'd be sweating sitting in my backyard in a bathing suit just sweating away. So, the next time it gets really hot, remember, just wearing lightweight pajamas will be better than nothing at all. I'm sure my husband will still sleep naked though. HAHA

You can read more about this research here.

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