Back in March, North Bergen High School made headlines for their amazing high school adaptation of Alien. This drama club went all out for their production received all kinds of attention because of their  including According to, Sigourney, who was in the original Alien movie, paid the students at North Bergen High School a visit, to tell them how much she loved their performance, and as expected, the high schoolers went nuts!


The visit was scheduled, so it wasn't a surprise to the students, but they were still starstruck by Sigourney, and I mean, wouldn't you be? As a former drama student myself, I know that if one of the actors I idolized visited my high school, I would freak out as well. Sigourney probably has no idea what she has done by visiting these kids. To get praise from an actress that was in the original Alien movie, must have made them feel like they were on top of the world. Well done, Sigourney!

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