I love animals. I have wanted to become a vegetarian or vegan for years, but never was able to go full in on the lifestyle change. So because I am not able to do that, I try to be as kind to animals as possible, especially ones that are endangered or going extinct. Every time I see the commercial to adopt a polar bear on tv, I keep telling my husband I am going to do it. That's why, in my opinion, I do support zoo's and aquariums. I know a bunch of zoo keepers and people who works with animals and the ones that they take care of, are safe from things like climate change, poachers, and of course, the circle of animal life. I remember a few years back, during the wine festival that Six Flags has every year, my husband and I bought the safari package and got to see lots of animals, sample different wines than what were at the main wine area, and I got to actually feed a giraffe. he was the sweetest.

Six Flags Great Adventure recently brought back the option to actually drive thru their safari in your own car. This was something they had back when we were kids, but due to safety issues, got rid of it and instead you would go through the safari in a big truck with other people. Now, with the pandemic restrictions, they brought back the drive thru option and it is extremely popular. We took my Goddaughter back in July and it was fabulous. There are so many animals roaming around the grounds and of course, I love seeing the giraffes. NJ.com reports that there is a new baby giraffe walking around the safari and her name is Sierra. Apparently, Six Flags Safari is going through a little baby boom, there were three other giraffes born this year at Six Flags. Sierra was 6 feet tall when she was born and 200 pounds! Wow, can you imagine?

You can see some footage of Sierra and other giraffes at Six Flags in the video below.

For more info on Sierra and the many other animals you can see at Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari, click here.

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