Ready to have some fun? The Wild Safari Drive Thru Adventure opens this weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, and soon it will have some new animals for you to see, according to a press release.

March 20th is opening day and you'll be treated to the "babies of 2020." Four giraffe calves and two Siberian tiger cubs will be roaming around this year. I can't wait to see them, get your cameras ready.

In mid-April the rare African bongo species will be arriving, including a baby....awww.

Some facts about the bongo from Six Flags:

They are the world's third largest antelope and native to Africa.

They have very unique black and white markings on their faces, stripes on their bodies, and long, spiraled horns to help them hide in the wild.

They're nocturnal for the most part, but, occasionally active at dusk and dawn.

They are considered critically endangered, due to hunting and habitat loss.

Finally, in late spring, more babies will be joining the safari....eland, dama gazelle, ankolo cattle calves, wildebeest calves, kangaroo joeys, bison calves, zebra foals, an Asian water buffalo calf, nilgai calves, and a bunch of baboons (that's one of my favorite parts of the drive thru).

If you're planning to visit, you'll have to buy your tickets in advance. There will be no ticket sales at the gate. If you have season passes, you'll need to make a reservation in advance. To check the hours, buy tickets and make reservations now, click here.

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