Skyzone is celebrating their Golden Birthday in the best possible way, by letting you jump for free! On Friday, September 17th, Skyzone in Hamilton is celebrating the company's Golden Birthday with free 30 minute jumps from 4pm- 8pm.

If you don't know what a golden birthday is, it's when the date of your birthday matches your age. So Skyzone is turning 17 years old on September 17th.

I would get your tickets in advanced because I think it is going to be packed! They are free so I'd do it before you go.

Skyzone in Hamilton is the best. I remember we went there when it first opened and I was very impressed at the facility and could not wait to use it. They have this crazy obstacle course that I tried to complete, but failed.

There are so many obstacles and courses for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. Every time I leave Skyzone, I'm usually sore the next day if I've done one of the obstacle courses.

Skyzone in Hamilton, has many various programs for all ages. The Little Leapers program is fantastic for little ones, These are just a few of the programs and attractions Skyzone in Hamilton has to offer.

Besides the programs, they have plenty of trampoline areas if you or your kids are the type to just want to jump around and have a good time, Whatever you chose, Skyzone will be a good time.

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