What in the world is happening to our whales?  Since December 20th, whales have perished and washed a shore everywhere from New England to the Carolinas and anywhere in between.  The Jersey Shore has seen six tragic whale deaths and now we want answers.  

Photo by Vipin Kumar on Unsplash
Photo by Vipin Kumar on Unsplash

People are understandably upset and starting to organize against what they think is causing the carnage.  Hundreds of people gathered this past Sunday to demand a moratorium on wind turbine projects that are using sonar surveys that could be the culprit.


Something has to be up.  Of course, pollution is always the first thought but it makes sense that if they are using sonar for the project survey that it could have a terrible effect on our whales. Concerned beachgoers were glad to hear that bills are being signed to get answers and launch a full investigation to see if there is a direct correlation between this project and the recent deaths. 


This is no small project by the way, the plan is to install 500 wind turbines off the coast of Atlantic City, Long Branch, and Long Beach. 


So why is sonar potentially deadly to our sea life?  It can mess with their hearing and sense of direction and whales are getting struck by boats and killed because they kind of go crazy. It breaks my heart that humans screw everything up.  The message was clear, there is a big ask for Gov Murphy to hit the pause button on the project until experts can get to the bottom of it.  You can read more about it here from the Patch.

All I know is this, the world will instantly be a better place the day we protect, respect, and cherish all our animals.

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