Daily Mail reports, models from the Sports Illustrated Magazine were in Atlantic City earlier this week. Since COVID put a damper on traveling, specifically International travel, which is what the Sports Illustrated models and photographers are used to doing, they set their sights on a little more local location, the Jersey Shore. Specifically Atlantic City is where Sports Illustrated brought their beautiful models to film and take pictures. They set their sights specifically at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and of course the beach and ocean that surrounds it.

All these girls are apart of the SI Swim Search where they will compete in photo contests to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The models had a little fun while they were in Atlantic City while they weren't getting photographed or filmed.

It is a breath of fresh air to see women of all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities modeling for Sports Illustrated. I remember when Ashley Graham made the cover of Sports Illustrated and it really created a media stir. She was curvy and thicker than all the other models that had been featured on the cover before. I loved her pictures and still love seeing her beautiful face on magazine covers. She is a true beauty and really paved the way for girls who are inspiring models. Some women think that because they aren't a size zero that they can't make it in the modeling business, but times are changing. People wanna see models who look like them, not just extremely skinny girls. I wish I could be a size zero, but since I'm not, I flaunt what I have and as long as I'm feeling good about myself, that is all that matters. God can't make us all look the same, then the world would be a boring place. I love that the direction Sports Illustrated is going and love that they did their photo shoot at the Jersey Shore.

Former RHONJ Selling Her Immaculate New Jersey Home

Siggy Flicker used to be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and left after just two seasons. She is very spunky and outspoken and I enjoyed watching her on the show. They showed her house often on the show and I was always in awe of it. It has a Hampton style to it and the inside is immaculate. She originally listed her house for $4 million during the pandemic, but now has cut the price down to $3.85 million. The house has six bedrooms, almost seven bathrooms, and even a pool, located in Tenafly.

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