A new organic store grocery chain is coming to New Jersey.

Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday this morning on Route 73 in Evesham Township.

This grocery store is not like your regular supermarket but offers more healthy options for those people looking to live a healthier life.

According to NJ.com, some things you will not find here are Doritos, candy, soda, snacks and candy. Say goodbye to all that junk food, and hello to Sprout's brand of corn or potato chips for a cheaper price. These chips come in several flavors such as BBQ, chili, reduced sodium or siracha.

The store itself is very customer-friendly making grocery shopping more bearable. The store's open layout makes it easier for shoppers to see all the items that Sprout has to offer and easier to spot your children while shopping.There is no need to bring your own bags because Sprout has you covered. There is no self-checkout but there are 12 available registers ready to be used.

This chain is also launching the "Zero Waste Initiative". This initiative is all about donating unsold and edible groceries to the Food Bank of South Jersey. Food that is not suitable to be donated will be given to a local cattle farms, and composting facilities.

According to NJ.com "We believed that eating clean and living healthy was more than just a trend. At Sprouts, it’s our passion. And we knew that by focusing on farm-fresh produce and other healthy, affordable items, we could create a grocery experience where you didn’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy".

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