The Today Show announced that Starbucks has decided to cancel their very popular Happy Hour due to the rise in coronavirus cases. The Happy Hour at Starbucks is not canceled permanently, but it is for now due to the current state of the pandemic. The Happy Hours are usually from 2pm- 7pm on certain days. Although, Starbucks is canceling the Happy Hour, Starbucks does want to give it's loyal customers some rewards like Double Star Days. You can get more details here.

It's no surprise to me that Starbucks has made this major move due to the rise in Coronavirus cases. I used to get so upset when people would hate on Governor Murphy for closing bars and restaurants and saying, "You can't get coronavirus through food." No, the experts say, you can't contract the coronavirus through food, however, you can when you gather in large groups and sit close next to people you don't know and don't where or who they've been exposed to. Also, when people start drinking, they start talking loudly and spit flies in the air and then that could possibly infect people. So, I completely understand why Starbucks made the decision to cancel their popular Happy Hour because people are probably gathering in their shops and sometimes not gathering safely.

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