Whether you realize it or not, shoplifters are EVERYWHERE. Even if it’s something you couldn’t imagine doing, I’m sure you either know of someone who has shoplifted or maybe even witnessed someone firsthand get caught in the act. No matter what your experience is with shoplifting, we can’t deny that it happens throughout the world every day.

Sadly this is an alarming truth and retail workers come face to face with this crime more often than one would think. According to Capital One, about 9% of Americans shop list, and in 2022 retailers in Pennsylvania alone lost $2.937 billion in revenue due to theft in 2022.

What is the Fine/Penalty for Shoplifting in Pennsylvania?


Depending on the dollar amount you steal, your penalty in Pennsylvania changes when it comes to shoplifting. The very lowest penalty and fine you can face for shoplifting in Pennsylvania according to Your Erie Lawyers would be up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300.

This will make you think twice before getting greedy in your favorite store!

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One of the biggest retailers in America isn’t safe from this issue and experiences customers shoplifting more frequently than one may like to admit.

How Many Walmart Stores Are in Pennsylvania?

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Walmart has over 4,000 Walmart stores across the country and about 159 supercenters, discount stores, and more in Pennsylvania alone that are all suffering because of shoplifters.

Aisle of Shame has released a list of the most commonly stolen items from Walmart and to be honest, it’s alarming to see just how often these everyday items are being stolen from stores right near you.

“Each year, Walmart loses about 1% of its total projected revenue to shoplifting.” - Aisleofshame.com

Aisle of Shame has collected data based on news reports, employee testimony, and crowdsourced information on Reddit to curate a list of the most commonly stolen items in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States.

Most Commonly Stolen Items At PA Walmart Stores

From electronics to food, shoplifters are getting out of hand on what they've been snatching from Walmart stores according to Aisle of Shame!

Gallery Credit: Gianna

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