Last month, Patricia Crawford of Monmouth County thought she had a terrible case of food-poisoning, but according to, when she went to her bathroom to be sick, she was shocked to find out she was actually having a baby.

NBC/NewYork says that Crawford and her husband, Evan Darragh, had tried to get pregnant in the past, but without any luck.  Plus, she never experienced any signs of being pregnant leading up to the surprise birth.

To make this story even more special is the fact that this baby was born one year to the day after Crawford's father suddenly passed away.  In fact, Patricia and Evan decided to name their baby after Crawford's father, William James.

William's surprise birth sent the couple scrambling to buy everything a couple with a newborn needs...bottles, diapers, onesies and more, but the couple told News12 that "friends and family have been very helpful and have been sending them baby supplies and necessities ever since he was born."


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