Let's be honest. The most important part of any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal is the sides. In my opinion, you don't even need the main dishes. Just give me some cornbread, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pasta salad with a roll on the side, and I am set.

According to a new Thanksgiving survey, most Americans would be fine with all sides and no turkey. If I am being real, turkey isn't all that good anyway. According to SWNS Digital, 74% of Americans only plan on putting sides on their plate. And believe it or not, mashed potatoes are the number one must-have this year.

So what about Pennsylvania? What side is a must-have for us? According to Silive, residents say that stuffing is their number one side choice. Experts pulled data from Google Trends to determine the favorite side dish in each state, and mashed potatoes, hashbrown casserole, and green beans came in as the top choices.

I'm not surprised Pennsylvanians love them some stuffing. There are so many different ways to make stuffing. My mom throws carrots, peppers, chicken, and anything she can find in the fridge in her stuffing. But there are no limits to this thing. I've heard of people putting things like tortilla chips, everything bagels, oysters, and even red lentils in their stuffing.

By the way, there has always been a cultural debate on whether it is called "stuffing" or "dressing." Here in Pennsylvania, we call it stuffing. No debates.

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