Target just announced the start date of one of their most popular promotions. The Target their website announced that the Target car seat trade in will take place from April 5th through April 17th at Target stores. If you've never done a car seat trade in, it is very easy. You bring in a car seat you no longer have use for, maybe your kids have outgrown it, maybe you received one as a hand me down and it's expired, whatever the case may be, you bring that car seat into a a Target store. There will be these big drop off boxes most likely at guest services and you just drop the car seat in there and once you do, you'll receive a 20% off coupon for another new car seat or even some other baby gear. The coupon expires in May of this year.

I checked to see if stores in our area are participating and I found plenty in this area. If you're not close to the Princeton area and want to check when your nearest participating store is, click here. To see restrictions and more details about this promotion, click here.

As a first time Mom, I had no idea that Target did such a wonderful thing until one of my girl friends told me. It is such a fantastic promotion. I have had people give me car seats and we didn't end up using them, so now I have a place to donate them and receive a 20% off coupon for the next car seat we'll need when we expand out family. I hated being the only one who had a car seat in my car for my son. I was happy when we finally got my husband his own car seat on Black Friday. Now we have two cars that always have car seats because you never know when you'll be in a situation where you need to transport your baby. Trust me, I am marking my calendar and I will be going to the East Windsor Target to drop off a car seat.

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