One Philadelphia Eagle is making it perfectly clear: He does NOT want Taylor Swift to come to an Eagles game.

Philadelphia Eagles Pro bowler Darius Slay does not have a blank space for Taylor Swift when it comes to attendance at an Eagles vs. Chiefs game.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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In case you're living under a rock, Taylor has attended two Kansas City Chiefs games in support of her new love interest Travis Kelce. And well... she kind of stole the show - just by being there! But more importantly, the Chiefs won both games while she was there.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets
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That's where Darius Slay has an issue. The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Kansas City on November 20. So Slay recently said on the "Big Game Slay" podcast: "Do. Not. Come. To. The. Game. Cause you seem to bring the energy of winning. So, do not come to that game."

It's all in good fun, of course! No real bad blood! Also, she'll be back on tour in November, so there's that!

Conflict of interest?

This would, however, be a conflicting decision for Taylor, because if she attended and Eagles vs Chiefs game, who would she root for?? Taylor has old history with Philadelphia, and as a Reading, Pennsylvania native, she's made it no secret that she's an Eagles gal. She even declared fealty to the City of Brotherly Love when the Eras Tour came to the Lincoln Financial Field in May, referring to the show as her "home show."

And of course, let's not forget that Taylor wore an Eagles sweater out in the wild this past June!

Hey - Maybe this could be another topic for her and Donna Kelce to bond over.

So are you #TeamSlay or #TeamSwift? Personally, I have to agree with Travis Kelce's belief that the NFL has been laying on the Taylor Swift coverage a little too thick. Maybe more than a little. So don't come at me, Swifties - but I'd rather see Taylor sit an Eagles vs. Chiefs games out.

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