This is a big deal. The newly renovated, and very trendy, Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport has finally officially opened and it looks awesome.

There's no doubt you'll notice the chances the minute you walk in. It has a New Jersey vibe that you'll love. says it's a million square feet, has 21 gates for travelers, plenty of art work, local food and decor that your Instagram will love. No doubt you'll pose by the massive "NJ" letters and post it.

The Jersey vibe certainly comes through loud and clear. The purpose is to show travelers everything the Garden State has to offer.

The new Terminal A features 60 restaurants and shops, with some being from surrounding towns like Jersey City, Elizabeth and Newark. Check out the list of concessions here.

The artwork is from artists around the state. There's a big mural paying tribute to New Jerseyans, the article says, and those who have spent their careers at Newark Airport. Click here to learn more about the art program.

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Even the bathrooms in this beautiful new terminal have a New Jersey theme. There are photos of things that make New Jersey so great, like our beaches, and maps of the state's great cities.

There's also a "free-standing high resolution video art installation" that shows quizzes about our great state and fun facts about science and technology.

I didn't realize how much a project of this calibur would cost. Wow. The updates totaled $2.7 billion. It is one of the most heavily traveled airports in the county.

The opening had been delayed since December to address issues with "fire alarms and other safety systems."
Read more about the new Terminal A here.

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