As we get ready for the first snow of the season, it got me wondering about the biggest November snowstorms in our area.

On Nov. 26-27, 1998, the Delaware Valley got over 9 inches of snow.  This storm was memorable because it fell on Thanksgiving, causing major headaches for travelers across the area.

Before that, the biggest November snowstorm happened in 1953 when another 9 inch storm hit the area between Nov. 6-7.

According to, significant snowfall in November is unusual because "most of the big ones are generated by coastal storms, and ocean temperatures still tend to be in the mid-40s in December."  Last year, we didn't see snow until Dec. 10, but the year before that (2016), it snowed on Oct. 10.

Forecasters are expecting this to be a milder winter due to El Niño. says that El Niño means that water temperatures are warmer than average.

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