According to, the longtime owners of Landau's on Nassau Street in Princeton have decided to retire. says that while age is the primary reason brothers Robert and Henry Landau have decided to retire (both men are in their 70's), the COVID-19 pandemic is also a factor.

Landau's history is chronicled on its website. The store originally opened in Jersey City in 1914 and remained there until moving to Brooklyn in 1919. says that Robert and Henry's parents moved the store to Witherspoon Street in Princeton in 1955, where it resided for 9 years. From there, it moved to 114 Nassau Street after spending 33 years at that address, the store moved one more time to 102 Nassau.

Landau's, whose slogan is "a Very Special Specialty Clothing Store," is also known as Landau Woolens because it mainly sells high-end coats, throws, scarves, and gloves.

The Landau brothers told that it hopes to find a buyer that will keep the store open.

The businesses on Nassau Street are a mix of national chains and locally-owned stores.


GALLERY: Nassau Street Businesses

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