I think we all know what NJ college tops the list of hardest to be accepted too ...

Obviously, Princeton!

Here's a breakdown of the ratios for all 29 of NJ's higher education schools ...


1. Princeton University 

Acceptance rate: 6.4 percent

Applications: 31,056

Offers: 1,990


2. Stevens Institute of Technology 

Acceptance rate: 43.9 percent

Applications: 8,335

Offers: 3,657

3. The College of New Jersey 

Acceptance rate: 47.5 percent

Applications: 12,896

Offers: 6,128


See the meat of the list at NJ.com ...


24. New Jersey City University 

Acceptance rate: 91 percent

Applications: 4,381

Offers: 3,988

25. St. Peter's University

Acceptance rate: 91.3 percent

Applications: 3,626

Offers: 3,310

26. William Paterson University 

Acceptance rate: 92.4 percent

Applications: 7,935

Offers: 7,331

Note: William Paterson University called its acceptance rate for 2017 an anomaly. It received fewer applications in 2017 because it eliminated fee waivers that allowed prospective students to apply for free. The university has reinstated the fee waivers and expects its acceptance rate to return to usual, around 73 percent, spokeswoman Mary Beth Zeman said.




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