I'm happy to see that the dining igloos will be back again this year at the Yankee Doodle Tap Room in Palmer Square, downtown Princeton.

The Tap Room's Facebook announced the news saying that they'll take your reservations now (as of November 1st) for dates starting December 1st. I can't believe we're only a few weeks away from December. Hint...that would be a great view for the Palmer Square Christmas Tree Lighting on Friday, November 26th.

The igloos are set up on the patio of the Tap Room, as you can see below. With all of the holiday lights strung and the Palmer Square Christmas, it's sure to be a festive experience and truly unique way to dine.

The igloos started as a way to dine safely during the pandemic, but, I hope they become a yearly thing. They're so cute and a great way to soak in the amazing atmosphere of Palmer Square.

I had reservations for an igloo last year, but, unfortunately, they had to be canceled because it was too windy, so I'm looking forward to going this year. Princeton during the holidays is magical.

Here are some igloo details. There are two sizes. The smaller igloo fits 2 - 6 people and has a 1 hour, 45 minutes time limit. There is a food and drink minimum of $150. The bigger igloo fits 6 - 8 people and has a 2 hour, 15 minute time limit. There is a food and drink minimum of $250.

Reservations are through Resy. Click here for more information, menus, and to make a reservation.

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