This pandemic has crippled out world. It has caused loss of human life, it has canceled events that people were looking forward to tremendously, and it has changed the way we do every day things. I know many people, myself included just thought COVID-19 was another strain of the flu and just like flu season, it would be here, it would be gone and that it would be no big deal. However, it is was and still is a big deal and six months later this virus is still around, and still reeking havoc on our lives. Now, that the summer is  coming to an end, I know people are looking forward to the holiday season, because the holiday season makes people feel good and it gives them hope. I know I am looking forward to hopefully getting back to some holiday traditions. One of the biggest traditions my family has is still going to happen, but it will be a little different this year.

My family used to always sit down and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade together while the turkey was in the oven and the smell of the house and the atmosphere just felt so good. When I was in high school I cheered for the football team, so I cheered at the annual Thanksgiving Day game. A few years ago, I coached cheerleading for a high school team, so for four years, I didn't get to watch the parade because I was at the annual Thanksgiving Day game. I decided once I was done coaching that I would cooke brunch and have mimosas while watching the parade, but then last year I was pregnant. So this year was going to be MY year to watch the parade, but NBC reports, Mayor Bill de Blasio says the parade will be all virtual this year. Unfortunately with the fact that this virus isn't going away and cold weather coming, it runs more of a risk of people getting sick with it. And let's be honest, people are packed in like sardines during those parades.

I'm okay with it being all virtual, at least it's still going to happen. We'll still be able to watch it online and on t.v. and there will be more details announced soon.

For more info, visit this article from NBC.

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