Credit: John T Baier
Credit: John T Baier

Have you ever done a big Christmas light display and it made national news? I think only a few people can say that a News crew has come to their house during the holidays and get on the evening news. I think in the past our family has tried to do a really good job, but nowhere near National news coverage.

A few months ago around Easter time, A New Jersey dentist named Wayne Ganji made news for his sexy mannequin display. People did not like it at all and one woman even went as far as to destroy the display, and was arrested for it. Was it offensive? In some people's opinions, yes. It was also the fact that the display was something children could see.

According to, Wayne Ganji is at it again with his yard display and this time it is all decked out for the Fourth of July! Will this display the same controversy? So far, many people have visited the display, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of hate...YET.

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