Wayne Gangi, a dentist in Passaic County decided to spice up his Easter display this year and it's been getting tons of media attention. The display, as you can see from the picture above is very racy and a little sexy, but Gangi just thought it was funny,

Andrew Ramos, a journalist, who works for PIX11, was at the dentist's home covering the story for a later broadcast, when the woman, Desire Shepstone, approached the display with some scissors. You can see the entire thing go down in the series of Tweets below.

The woman destroyed Gangi's property and he may put a restraining order on her. She may also be facing vandalism charges. According to North Jersey.com, many neighbors and even the man she lives with felt she had no right to do what she did. Gangi feels that she destroyed the display just for attention and that she wasn't really offended.

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