So, I never even knew state toys were a thing. But here we are, pushing for the slinky to become Pennsylvania's state toy.

Bucks County resident and retired math teacher, Bob Swaim has been on a five-year mission to make the slinky gain this title and he's now closer then ever.

Believe it or not the Slinky was actually invented by a Penn State graduate in the 1940s and basically blew overnight in Philadelphia, which totally makes sense for it to be our state toy - it's clearly a classic.

When it was first invented sales were off to a slow start but when it was re-introduced with a demonstration a few years later in 1945 between Thanksgiving and Christmas sales were amazing. ""They sold 400 of them in 90 minutes," adding that the toy sold for a crisp $1 at the time," according to

By the way $1 in 1945 is now equivalent to $13 - $14 today.

Swaim said, "We should be proud of Pennsylvania, and one way to show that is to recognize its history and teach it to the kids."

I don't know about you, but I'm totally with this movement!






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