Halloween the holiday is fun and "Halloween" the movie is scary. It's a horror movie classic for a reason, and let's not forget that Michael Myers is freaking terrifying.

When I was younger I always scared when I was watching the original movie because it's set in "Haddonfield." That used to make nervous because there is a Haddonfield in New Jersey, but the movie takes place in "Haddonfield, Illinois." I was very happy to learn that Michael Myers (even though his a fictitious character) has no chance of walking around Garden State on Halloween. That being noted, there is a weird connection between Michael Myers and New Jersey.

My brother is a horror movie buff, and he told to about this "Halloween" documentary he saw (I added it below). He said the movie's producer, Debra Hill, grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and that's where she got the idea of setting the movie in "Haddonfield."

I also watched the documentary and learned that the movie's location, Haddonfield, Illinois, doesn't even existed. They filmed the movie in Southern California.

Either way it looks like Michael Myers is coming back to "Haddonfield" because a new "Halloween" movie comes out in October! It's supposed to be a new sequel to the original (it does not acknowledge the other movies that followed). The next chapter of this movie looks amazing and horrifying (trailer below). I probably will lose some sleep after seeing the full movie.

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