Halloween season is here, even though I still want summer.

Fall brings trick-or-treat, costumes, candy, cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and the "top 25" Halloween costumes thanks to many Ocean County listeners, amazon.com, and activetimes.com.

Top 25 Halloween Costumes Through the Years and Now

I remember as a kid, dressing up in our favorite Halloween costume that we found in our attic. These days kids have amazing costumes. They're just awesome. There are literally hundreds to choose from if you go to a Halloween store or through amazon.com.

Halloween was always so special to me and my family. We would have so many trick-or-treaters come to our house in our little town of Pennsylvania. We would run out of candy within an hour. Then Dad would pull out the $1 bills.

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We get a lot where we live in Bayville, from Disney Princesses to Ninjas, and dinosaurs...they're all fantastic. I love when the adults dress up and walk around with their little ones. Sometimes, they're scary.

These costumes that made the top 25 are pretty fun ones. There were ones for kids, adults, a couple, and even a third-wheeler costume. I thought it was pretty cool, the scissors, rock, and paper costume.

Last year, Halloween was a little weird because of Covid, this year we are back and better than ever. Kids are expecting the "large" candy bars. (I'm just kidding.) They'll be happy with whatever they get. I'll have the bowls ready to go, I can't wait for Halloween this year.

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