A Bucks County woman is appearing on the highly popular TV show Love Island USA.
Looking for your new television show obsession? Might I suggest this one?

A bunch of singles are put on an island to see if they can find love. It's a spinoff of the British television show Love Island, where one couples will try and find love or may be voted off the island. A couple will even win a cash prize at the end.

So who is the local star on this season? Well, her name is Shannon St. Clair and according to Patch, she went to school in Warminster. She has two degrees from Bucks County Community College and Temple University.

Shannon is also a former Eagles Cheerleader, and apparently she even dated the CEO of Barstool Sports. She currently works at Ronin Construction Group in Pennsylvania.

The announcement was posted on June 29th on Shannon's Instagram about her upcoming appearance on the show which kicks off on CBS tonight (July 7) at 9:30pm.

I always thought it would be cool to be on a reality show. I always thought my life would make a good storyline, but hey, I am satisfied with not being a reality tv star and having cameras around 24/7. Talking about intimate details of my life on the radio is enough.

I'll never forget about 8 years ago, we had an intern by the name of Mikey P. He was a fantastic intern, he was full of energy, full of life and not to mention extremely good looking. He told us he was auditioning for a show on VH1called Dating Naked and we all laughed and thought he was crazy. Sure enough he got on the show and it was really awesome watching him.

The show led to other opportunities for him, like American Ninja Warrior and he even dated a few other reality tv stars from MTV Challenges. Currently he is living in Las Vegas, doing all kinds of cool stuff and is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Brandi.

It's always cool to see someone you know on tv. I'm sure Bucks County residents and those who know Shannon St. Clair will be cheering her on while they're watching her at home. Jealous she gets to go to Hawaii.

Will she find love? Tune in tonight at 9:30 on CBS.

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