Spring has officially sprung and the weather is getting warmer! Everyone wants to spend more time outside and just enjoy the warm weather and perfect vibes. What better place to do that than at your local farm!

Knowhere Farm located in Chesterfield, New Jersey has some good opportunities to get outdoors while supporting a local business. As listed on their website, they have “Mama and baby goats, cage-free-egg-laying chickens, cows, a vegetable garden, a comfy guest cottage, and lots of love on our farmstead here in the middle of Knowhere.“

Their two most popular attractions are their loving cows and active goats. Guests can book a time from Tuesday-Saturday to cuddle a cow! Cows are loving creatures and you will be able to hug and pet them to your heart's content, which I think is super cute and warms my heart.

Their other popular event is goat yoga! Goat yoga is a popular form of yoga that you do with goats (they will jump on you!) It takes place outside when it is sunny or in a barn when it is raining and is hosted by certified yoga teachers. Make sure you are ready for an efficient (and dangerously adorable) practice.

They also ask that you make reservations in advance, either for an event or for a tour of the farm. They are a functioning farm that does produce products and is a home for not only themselves, but the animals as well, so they always like a heads up when people are coming to visit.


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