I love this.

Jeff Edelstein of the of the Trentonain announced his yearly predictions once again and yes, they are pretty much gold ...

The journalist was pretty accurate last year. I know that were like only two days into the new year, but I can't wait to see the results of this years.

Here are my favorites ...

1) President Donald Trump will still be President Donald Trump by the end of the year. (I know this is a fact)

6) The Mets will disappoint. (I'm a Red Sox fan so ... I thought this was funny.)

7) There will not be a major terrorist attack on American soil. (This is always good news.)

13) Pork roll will be featured in some nationwide way (maybe on a TV show, or in a movie, or something) and there will be at least three of my columns dedicated to it. (Yas ... NJ represent!)

See the full list of all the 15 prediction here.



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