Did your car make the list of top 10 cars stolen in NJ?

Scary thought. Because of the constant update of anti-theft technology, car thieves tend to lean toward older cars. They have the lack of anti-theft and there much easier to hot wire. Especially Hondas, those vehicles tend to top the list every year.

According to nj.com, a “Gazillions have been sold over the years and they tend to last if people take care of them. And the longer they are on the road, the more likely they will get into fender benders. When that happens, the age of the cars is such that most owners just keep their liability insurance so when they chop for a fender repair, they’ll go to a shop that has the best estimate.”

So without further adieu ... here is the list of the:

'Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in NJ'

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