Mothers and moms to be are in good hands when it comes to maternal health if they live in the Bucks County area. Despite the United States as a whole being terrible when it comes to maternal health compared to other countries, Bucks County is doing pretty well for itself.

According to Patch, there is a new maternal vulnerability index that was used to determine maternal care on a local level. On a scale of 0 to 100, Bucks County scored a 2.6. The lower the score the better. The higher a city or state's score, the greater the chances are of a poor pregnancy. According to Patch, birth troubles like preeclampsia, premature birth, and maternal death are all possible and more likely in a place with a high maternal vulnerability index score.

Pennsylvania as a whole scored fairly poorly. The state itself scored a 58. So clearly living in a place like Bucks County is crucial if you are planning to have a baby while living in Pennsylvania. Every new mother wants to have a safe healthy pregnancy. If I knew that I could get the best care in the state somewhere, that is where I would be.

Some of the factors that went into determining this index scale include mental health, reproductive health care, substance abuse, and the environment, according to Patch.

There must be something in the air because the amount of pregnancy that is happening is crazy. They say that we are in the middle of a millennial baby boom. So many people have been getting pregnant during this pandemic and are looking to start a family now. The pandemic has pushed people to get a move on with their lives faster and start having kids. So if that is you...make sure you seek out the best care!


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