I’ve seen a ton of boozy ice cream shops on my Tik Tok and Instagram pages, but I didn’t realize we had any shops that sold it in New Jersey!

There’s this hidden ice cream shop, but it’s for adults only. Apparently, there’s a secret boozy ice cream shop in North Jersey that not a ton of people know about, but you have to check it out!

The ice cream shop is called Luigi’s Ice Cream and it’s definitely not your average shop. You may be familiar with the Jersey City area and have never seen it, but that’s only because it’s not in plain sight.

To find Luigi’s boozy menu, you’ll first have to put Ani Ramen into your GPS and there you’ll be able to find this extremely hidden gem. Luigi’s seems to have started as a food truck business before finding its home inside Ani Ramen and I have only seen good reviews.


On their Instagram they have some of their famous spiked ice cream flavors posted. One that caught my eye was this Horchata rolled ice cream which is vanilla ice cream infused with RumChata topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

This to be is the perfect boozy ice cream recipe and I’m about to make the drive up to JC now just to try it! Their flavors change periodically, so there may be more boozy flavors to try out each time you go. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a boozy ice cream speakeasy!

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