Having a baby is stressful in itself, but naming a baby is another story. I swear, whenever I think about entering that stage in my life, it stresses me out to pick out baby names!

It’s easy to play it safe when it comes to naming your child, but how safe is TOO safe? There are a few baby names for boys and girls to avoid if you’re living in Pennsylvania because they may be overused by now!

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Social Security Online posts how many babies were born each year with each name in the state of Pennsylvania and this list has officially revealed the most common baby names in recent years.

If you’re living in Pennsylvania and are having a baby soon, you may want to stay away from these names specifically.

What Are The Top Trending Baby Names In PA?



The top trending boy name for baby boys in 2022 was Liam. According to SSA.gov, there were 672 baby boys named Liam that year. Noah, Oliver, Theodore, and Benjamin were also among the top 5 most popular in Pennsylvania.

The top trending girl name in Pennsylvania for the year 2022 was Olivia and there were 572 baby girls born with that name. Charlotte, Emma, Sophia, and Amelia are the other names within the top 5 of the most popular.

Some of the least popular names on this list include Jordan for boys and Piper for girls. The results for 2023 haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s safe to say these names will remain among the most popular in the state of Pennsylvania.

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