This is insane! I knew there was no way that it was supposed to be this warm. This is the warmest November we have seen in years!

I was kind of complaining all week that it is a little warmer than I like it to be at this time of the year. Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually hate being cold. Everyone here in the office knows that I am always cold and always have on hoodies and sweatpants. When I am home, however, I do have a space heater going all the time, which is probably why my electric bill is crazy high. I thought something was a little off when I was not using it as much. 

We have seen in the past week temperatures almost 80 degrees in some areas. Being that I love to put on my big coat, I was a little upset that it’s not as cold as it should be!

During this time of the year, it should be around 58 degrees, but yesterday we saw a high of 77! That is insane! I don’t know if I should be excited or scared. I love the nice weather but it has me a little concerned that it is THIS warm. According to, the Newark area has a shot at matching its daily record high of 73 degrees for Nov. 10. That record was set back in 1999.

I wouldn't get too excited about this if I were you.


 We are going to get some heavy rain tomorrow, even though it will still be in the 70’s. The rest of the week looks like it’s going to go downhill in temperature. 


Last month we were told this was going to be a brutal winter, so who knows! Anything can happen. I mean, it is 2020. 



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