Pennsylvania may be getting its first national park in the not-so-distant future. There are currently 63 national parks in the country, and if the Sierra Club is able to pull this off Pennsylvania may be the 64th.

Have you ever seen the Deleware Water gap? According to Patch, it is comprised of hundreds of acres of land that straddles the Pennsylvania and New Jersey borders. As of right now, it is only a National Recreation Area. However, all of that land, water, trails, and caves make it the perfect spot to be a destination site for tourists.

Here is what needs to happen in order for The Deleware Gap to become a national park. According to Patch, the Sierra Club along with a bunch of other conservation groups are already putting in the work to make this become an actual thing. According to NJ Spotlight, the groups must first draft a study that presents a strong argument as to why the area should be upgraded to a National park. Then they have to get approval from congress. So right now it's all about getting in front of lawmakers and getting them on board.

Don't worry. You will still be able to do all the things that are permitted now at The Delaware Water Gap. According to the Sierra Club's proposal nothing will change but its title. In fact, they are even requesting that hunting still be allowed even though it usually isn't at national parks. You will still be able to hike, canoe, camp, fish, and more at the beloved Pennsylvania park.

Getting approval to be recognized as a national park will benefit the park more than its visitors. According to Patch, being that right now The Deleware Gap is just a recreation area, it doesn't qualify for the same level of protection and support as a national park.

This isn't the first time The Sierra Club attempted to get this spot approved to be upgraded. They tried over a decade ago and failed after not presenting a strong enough case. Let's hope they have better luck in 2021. Although the way the last two years have been going, they need all the luck they can get.

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