The Townsend Inlet Bridge was expected to re-open at the end of May, but officials say they have faced some challenges during construction.

These delays are pushing the re-opening of the bridge towards the end of the summer.

The bridge connects the two towns of Avalon and Sea Isle City in Cape May County.

This road is key for many beach bums in the summer.

If you plan on heading down to this area of the Jersey shore this summer, you may want to plan an alternate route.

According to "The county said construction crews encountered issues surrounding the bridge’s demolition, underwater salvaging operations, and subsurface geotechnical complications".

The closure of the bridge restricts not only drivers, but people walking and riding bikes between the two shore towns.

When the bridge is open, it only takes 3 minutes to travel between Avalon and Sea Isle City. But since the bridge has been closed, the detour takes around 20 minutes to get from point A to point B.

Call me crazy, but that's a huge difference in time.

Wow... I can't even imagine how much longer it will take once summer rolls around. Millions of people visit the Jersey Shore every year, so I can't even imagine how much more crowded it will be in a few more weeks.

Looks like this is going to cause a major inconvenience.

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