So, over the weekend a Gritty Sandwich Showdown happened. That means a few Philly food joints got a chance to compete against each other in a friendly Gritty cheesesteak competition.

Obviously, 'Gettin’ Gritty Wit It' by Joe's Steaks blew the judges away with their secret weapon (aka topping) Cheetos ...

Very genius, if you ask me. The other guys didn't even stand a chance.

Thanks to here's a quick recap ...

“Gettin’ Gritty Wit It” by Joe’s Steaks owner’s son Patrick Groh

What’s in it: Cheesesteak with onions and Whiz, topped with fries and Cheetos.

Creator’s statement: “I tried Doritos as a topping too, but they just didn’t do it. Turns out the Cheetos actually worked.”

Judges’ comments: Considering the fact that Joe’s Steaks already makes one of the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, you would expect any extras to detract from the original. But — like Gritty himself — the concoction with Cheetos was better than everyone thought it would be. The crunch factor was there, and the visual appeal, while almost as striking as the mascot, was also initially a turn-off. “It under promises and over delivers.”



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