What makes an establishment a five star restaurant to me isn't just the quality of the food. The service, the food and the environment all factor in to the entire experience of dining in. The food can be amazing, but if I get bad vibes...trust and believe I will never go back.

I like restaurants that make me feel cute. I know that might sound weird. But I love dining at places that make me want to take a cute picture, put it on my Instagram and document my experience.

A while ago a list of the 30 most beautiful restaurants in America was put out by Love Food. Although two New Jersey restaurants made the list, I think that The Frog and the Peach in New Brunswick should have been on there.

The first time I saw pictures of this restaurant I knew I just had to make a reservation. I didn't even look at the menu. Based on the pictures alone, I knew this was about to be a good time.


The Frog and the Peach offers brunch, lunch and dinner. They have a bunch of different dining rooms that each have their own vibe. There is a beautiful garden room, a wine room, private rooms and more. This place is great for private events like weddings, bridal showers and birthday parties or just a date between two people.

So get your cameras ready, the selfies are immaculate here. Oh, and the menu is pretty good too. Check it out here.


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