As 2022 starts to wind down we are beginning to see the "best of" lists become popular. This article will focus on the "best" restaurants in America for 2022. The eateries stood out as great places to dine and the list included restaurants from all over the country.


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According to Lovefood, "From cute bakeries to perfect pizza joints, the top 30 places offer something for everyone." Among the "best" 30 restaurants is one that is right here in New Jersey and you can take a drive and check it out for yourself.

ShabuRo is located in Bergen County, it was named among the Top 30 by Lovefood. This restaurant is located in Palisades Park. Lovefood said, "Diners have been flocking here since it opened its doors in 2016. This cook-it-yourself restaurant offers a buffet of fresh vegetables, tofu, meats and fish, which are cooked in hot broth at your table (shabu-shabu)."





In addition, "Buffet restaurants can be hit or miss, but when it’s done the ShabuRo way, it will almost certainly be a hit. With its hotpot and hotplate dining tables, the ShabuRo AYCE restaurant in New Jersey does things a little differently."


Very nice for this Jersey restaurant to make a national list of the best places to eat in America. If you have ever dined at ShabuRo in Palisades Park we would love to hear your reviews and thoughts on this Bergen County eatery. Post your comments below.



Google Maps
Google Maps



ShabuRo is located at 520 bergen blvd Store #2, 520 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650.


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