I seriously can’t think of a combo better than coffee and cats. Yes, it sounds like a dream to me to drink a good late and cuddle some cute cats, but it’s not every day that you get presented with a chance to combine those two things.

Luckily Le Cat Cafe in Philly is around so that my cat and coffee combination dreams can become a reality. Business is picking up once again since the pandemic and the cats are ready to play!

I haven’t really heard of anything like this before I stumbled across their page online and am now totally set on having to make a trip here.

The restaurant is called Le Cat Cafe and is located at 2713 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA, in the heart of Brewerytown according to their website. It’s within walking distance to a bunch of different Philly bars and restaurants that you would probably want to check out, and also extremely close to not only the Philidelphia Zoo but the Art Museum as well.

This cat cafe has been making its presence known throughout the city since its opening in 2016. It was also voted to be Best of Philly 2016 by Philidelphia Magazine within the same year as its grand opening.

This cafe is operated by Green Street Rescue, which is a rescue shelter in the area. So, not only do you get to sip cappuccinos and hang with these adorable cats, but you also can potentially meet your new pet in the process.

All of the cats that you’d get to play with within the cafe are rescues, so they are basically all up for adoption. They’ve been flooding their Facebook account lately with cats who are available to get adopted and I can’t stop scrolling through all the cute pics they’ve been posting.

On their website, you can navigate through and sign a wavier, book your reservation for your next trip to the cafe and also get more info on how you can take one of the cute little kittens home with you.

I am for sure making my way to this place the next time I’m in the city and hey, maybe I’ll even end up bringing a kitten home with me!

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