It was this week back in 1996 that we were with one of the worst winter storms the area has ever seen, the Blizzard of 1996.

Twenty-three years ago this week, the northeast was dealing with a blizzard that blanketed us with snow that was measured in feet, not inches. It all happened between January 6th and the 8th that year.

The snow totals were hard to comprehend throughout our area, ranging from 10 to 30 inches of accumulation. The Turnpike was shut down for a time, and the area came to a halt.

The Bubble sports training facility at Rutgers collapsed from the weight of the snow, according to nj,com. The Parkway was an ocean of snow, and people from Marlboro to Point Pleasant and beyond found it hard to open their front doors from the inside.

It was one of the worst January snowstorms we have ever seen and the memories of it will not be forgotten any time soon.

So, obviously, this week is no stranger to snow at the Jersey Shore, and the potential for snow this weekend already has the area on edge.

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