Small wooden shed in the back yard

Fox 29 reports, there are in fact tiny houses coming to an area of Philly, but don't get too excited about if you've always wanted one. They are already promised to house certain people within the city. These tiny houses that are coming to Philly are to house the homeless population. The city of Philadelphia agreed to build these houses in Northeast and West Philadelphia after the homeless encampments were shut down in October. These tiny houses will be built right next door to the Greater Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church, which is on Aspen Street in West Philadelphia. It seems that there is an age requirement to obtain a tiny house in Ohiladelphia, more details can be found here.

Every year before the pandemic my church would always put together blessing bags which contained many essential items for those who are homeless. These bags would include a snack, a toothbrush, socks, gloves, emergency blankets and much more. We would put them in plastic ziploc bags so they could transport them wherever they went. My husband and I would travel to New York City every year and hand out these bags and the homeless community was always so thankful for the bags we gave them. My husband and I try to do as much as we can to help the homeless community through my church and his Temple.  Kuddos to the city of brotherly love for trying to help the homeless population.

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