Hot dogs!! One of America's favorite summertime foods. They're delicious and simple enough, right? Take one pork/beef sausage, throw it on the grill, slap it between a potato bun, squirt on some ketchup and you call it a day, right?

Photo by Mateusz Feliksik on Unsplash
Photo by Mateusz Feliksik on Unsplash


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Sure you can have a simple hot dog if you want, but why stop there? What about all the fancy "fixin's" and special preparations? Cole slaw, grilled veggies, pickles, chili cheese, onions, jalapeños etc.?... The possibilities are endless!

Gourmet Grilled All Beef Hots Dogs
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Fun Fact: on Independence Day, America will consume about 150 million hot dogs, and spend about $600 million worth on them between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (yes, there's such a thing).

So of all those hot dogs you're planning on eating, whether it's this July 4th weekend, or anytime, why not seek out the best, most creative, most "loaded" and delicious hot dogs?

Maybe you make a pretty mean dog yourself on the grill, but if you don't feel like firing up in your backyard, no worries. There are plenty of spots to get some slamming' hot dogs in Central Jersey. compiled a list of the "Top Hot Dogs in Central Jersey," and you won't be disappointed; These places take hot dogs to the next level.

So Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, let's take a look at the "top dogs" of hot dogs in Central Jersey!

Here Are The Top 10 Hot Dog Spots in Central Jersey

According to! Hot Dog!

Is this list missing anything? Don't be afraid to share your own recommendations!

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